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Welcome to Sint Maarten Institute of Science and Technology

Sint Maarten Institute of Science and Technology (S.M.I.S.T.) has been incorporated to offer Capacity Building programs for professionals in the area of Science and Technology at the levels of higher education in collaboration with International accredited partners. Our aim is to stimulate a higher level of STEM knowledge of our professionals in Sint Maarten and the rest of the Caribbean.

Science and Technology has been the driving force behind innovations from a beginning of time and, Technology as the younger of the two, made it possible to connect all corners of the world almost instantly. With this advantage peoples have the opportunity of impacting not only their local markets, but also the regional and in broader sense the rest of the world. With the upcoming technologies of, and access to, mobile devices, micro systems, apps and cloud computing new opportunities arises for any who wants to make a choice to move into these trends or even consider to make a carrier change into STEM.

The first program that we are offering is a Master’s Degree Program in Management of Information and Communication Technologies in collaboration with our internationally accredited partner UNICARIBE, in a Blended setting, making it possible for a broader public, also those in the rest of the Caribbean, to take advantage and broaden their knowledge, skills and insight on this subject. Check out the Program(s) tab for further details.

UNICARIBE offers an exceptional hybrid program in Sint Maarten

Through an agreement with the foundation of the Institute of Science and Technology of Sint Maarten (SMIST), Universidad del Caribe will be in charge of the Master’s program in Information and Communication Technologies for teachers from across the island.

SANTO DOMINGO, DR. Universidad del Caribe (UNICARIBE) reached an agreement with the foundation of the Institute of Science and Technology of Sint Maarten (SMIST) to train teachers from that island in the Master’s program in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) offered by this educational institution through online learning platforms.

The classes will be conducted entirely in English. The contract signed between the parties explains that «due to the fact that technology, in all its spectrum, offers great future opportunities for technology and engineering students, which will contribute to the development of Saint Maarten, it has been decided to include the accredited Master’s program in ICT within the plan.»

Dr. Emilio Mínguez, rector of UNICARIBE, considers the interest and trust shown by this international institute in the ICT Master’s program as a demonstration of the excellent work and innovative approach that our university has achieved in recent years. «This is the result of implementing a strategy focused on transformation and novelty,» he added.

On the other hand, chancellor José Alejandro Aybar emphasized that it is an honor for our university and the teaching staff of the Master’s program to have been considered as the ideal candidates to promote education for this prestigious institute located in the Dutch part of the island of St. Martin.

This collaboration agreement was signed by Dr. Emilio Mínguez, and Alvin Rombley and Marcus E. Nicolaas, SMIST foundation President and Founder, during a ceremony at our university premises.

This is a unique opportunity for working professionals to obtain a Master’s Degree in ICT and with the possibility for a soft loan by our partnering bank Banco di Caribe

Visit our program page for detailed information about this program!