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Our Team

S.M.I.S.T. offers Science and Technology capacity building programs for professionals in higher education, in partnership with international organizations, to enhance STEM knowledge in Sint Maarten and the wider Caribbean. The team is characterized as dynamic and is dedicated to contributing to the development of human capital at the tertiary education level. Their primary focus is on building the knowledge and skills of individuals to support sustainable development efforts. By investing in tertiary education, the team aims to enhance the capacity of individuals to contribute to sustainable development initiatives in various sectors. Through their efforts, they hope to create a more sustainable future by building a skilled workforce that is equipped to address the challenges of the 21st century.

Alvin Rombley – Board President

Alvin Rombley is an Educator who has been working as a teacher since 1972. Mr. Rombley has Bachelor Degrees in Math, Physics and Electrical Engineering. He has worked as a teacher in Aruba and Sint Maarten for many years and was appointed as principal of Milton Peters College in 1983 and has worked in that position for 22 years. In 2005 he was appointed as Project Manager of Secondary Vocational Education and assisted in the implementation of Advance Secondary Education for two Secondary schools. In 2008 he was assigned as interim General Director of a Secondary school. As a member of the steering committee, instituted by the government, which was responsible for drafting the articles of incorporation of NIPA. (National Institute for the Advancement of Professional Advancement. Mr.Rombley was also appointed interim director of NIPA, a position which he held for two years. Over the years Mr. Rombley has taught...

Sixto Peters MSc. – Treasurer

SIXTO PETERS, MSc. is an accomplished finance professional with a rich and diverse background. Born in Aruba and hailing from St. Maarten roots, Sixto pursued his studies in Finance at Florida International University in the USA, obtaining a Master of Science degree. With over 15 years of experience as a financial manager in the telecommunications sector, Sixto honed his skills and expertise in managing financial operations for prominent companies on the island. Building on this foundation, he transitioned to a pivotal role as a financial manager/controller for the Board of the foundation of secondary schools for the Windward Islands, where he dedicated his skills for an impressive 20-year tenure. Recognized for his invaluable contributions, Sixto served on the committee responsible for the privatization of the telecommunications companies, shaping the industry's future. Additionally, he served as a board member for key institutions in the country, including Princes Juliana International Airport, St....

Mireille G. Regales-Peterson – Secretary

A Secondary school director and is a reliable, dedicated, and dependable person who is successful at managing multiple priorities with a positive attitude. Willingness to take on added responsibilities to meet the end goals. Passionate about getting educators to understand the role of innovations within education and the manner in how it is taught. Promoted all innovation trainings from language learning skills to computer skills within teaching education and have encouraged all teaching staff to follow the offered trainings in order to upgrade their skills and themselves.

Marcus E. Nicolaas MSc. – Founder & Program Director

Marcus Nicolaas, is Education Specialist and Technologist. Mr. Nicolaas holds a Master of Science in Communication and Information Technology. He currently teaches Information and Communication Technology at the Milton Peters College HAVO-VWO (Eq. IB) and at the University of St. Martin. Mr. Nicolaas has worked in the field of education for over 20 years, and have served in various capacities including superintendent, educator, project leader, master trainer, lecturer, and consultant. He is also actively involved in innovative cross curricular and cultural educational projects on the local and international level. He is passionate about the education philosophy of the 21st Century and the technological opportunities that this new era may bring for the next generation of local professionals. Mr. Nicolaas’s hobbies are research, content and software development, lecturing and debating in the aforementioned areas of his profession in combination with discovering and promoting Afro-Caribbean heritage.

Esmeralda Sutton MA – Program Coordinator

As a 21st-century educator, Ms. Sutton is committed to providing an innovative and effective learning experience for students. She is currently the location manager of the St. Dominic High School and has a passion for developing new teaching and learning strategies. Ms. Sutton has a wealth of experience in teaching English at the CXC and International Baccalaureate levels and has had many opportunities coordinating programs and events to ensure that they run smoothly. She is deeply committed to fostering a learning community that uses technology to produce innovative educational models for a better future. Ms. Sutton holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in English Language and Culture with a minor in Writing, Editing, and Mediating. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, dancing, and weight training.