Marcus E. Nicolaas MSc. – Founder & Program Director

Marcus Nicolaas, is Education Specialist and Technologist. Mr. Nicolaas holds a Master of Science in Communication and Information Technology. He currently teaches Information and Communication Technology at the Milton Peters College HAVO-VWO (Eq. IB) and at the University of St. Martin. Mr. Nicolaas has worked in the field of education for over 20 years, and have served in various capacities including superintendent, educator, project leader, master trainer, lecturer, and consultant. He is also actively involved in innovative cross curricular and cultural educational projects on the local and international level. He is passionate about the education philosophy of the 21st Century and the technological opportunities that this new era may bring for the next generation of local professionals. Mr. Nicolaas’s hobbies are research, content and software development, lecturing and debating in the aforementioned areas of his profession in combination with discovering and promoting Afro-Caribbean heritage.