Sixto Peters MSc. – Treasurer

SIXTO PETERS, MSc. is an accomplished finance professional with a rich and diverse background. Born in Aruba and hailing from St. Maarten roots, Sixto pursued his studies in Finance at Florida International University in the USA, obtaining a Master of Science degree.
With over 15 years of experience as a financial manager in the telecommunications sector, Sixto honed his skills and expertise in managing financial operations for prominent companies on the island. Building on this foundation, he transitioned to a pivotal role as a financial manager/controller for the Board of the foundation of secondary schools for the Windward Islands, where he dedicated his skills for an impressive 20-year tenure.
Recognized for his invaluable contributions, Sixto served on the committee responsible for the privatization of the telecommunications companies, shaping the industry’s future. Additionally, he served as a board member for key institutions in the country, including Princes Juliana International Airport, St. Maarten Medical Center, and Cadaster, bringing his financial acumen and strategic insights to guide their growth and success.
Throughout his career, Sixto Peters has been commended for his professionalism, dedication, and remarkable contributions to the financial landscape of St. Maarten. His vast experience and exceptional leadership continue to make a lasting impact on the organizations and institutions he has been associated with.